Flint Hucklezilla is a character created on Toontown Rewritten on July 2014. When the Toontown Rewritten Team bonded with the NULLAM ONLINE CREW, Flint hucklezilla was warped to the nullam city hall to inform Mayor nullam that the cogs that invade toontown were coming to>attack nullam and build a even bigger corporation than they were trying to in toontown rewritten and toontown online combined. 


fLINT HUcklezilla is a royal blue dog that wears pinkish orange ski googles, a tie dye shirt, Hi Top sneakers, a royal crown, a jellybean backpack, and silver buckle shorts. Now a days, Flint hucklezilla wears a purple star shirt and gold buckle shorts with all the other accessories, Like the behind photos in the gallery.


flint hucklezilla has maxed gags on toontown rewritten, he is trapless. Flint hucklezilla has spent an estimated 62,000 jellybeans in clarabelle's cattlelog. He is not maxed in any boss battle, but is one VP away from getting teleportation access to sellbot hq. His best friends are peanut bananagadget, bubby, and clyde mcsmirk. Flint hucklezilla' hates concord grape jellyfish, because it is the only fish he hasn't caughten yet.  He has a olive green roadster, and doesn't enjoy golfing.